Who can attend INTED2021 Online?
All scheduled events are open to those who registered at INTED2021 conference. Registered participants will be able to have access to the conference Live Program, Thematic Chat Rooms, List of Participants, Technical Program contributions (abstract and papers), and virtual presentations classified in thematic sessions.

All INTED participants will receive the conference package (Proceedings, author/participation certificates and conference material) by courier DHL after the conference.

When can I join the live conference activities for 8th and 9th March?
You can find all the keynote speeches, workshops, and webinars in the INTED2021 Live Events Program.

If you are registered, then you should log in with their email and password.

Once you have logged in, you will be able to join the conference live activities and the different chat rooms.

We recommend checking all the times carefully and convert them to your local time to ensure that you do not miss any of your planned activities.

How will live events be delivered?
Live activities will be delivered through Zoom platform. We recommend downloading the desktop client or app before the session at: https://zoom.us/download

All live sessions will be recorded. Therefore, if any participant cannot join any live activity, they will be available to watch on-demand after the session.

If I am not able to attend some live sessions, can I still contribute?
INTED understands that time zones and personal/professional commitments may make it difficult for some participants to join the different scheduled activities. However, even if you are unable to be present during the live activities, you will have access to the session recordings, that will be available on-demand.

Also, you will be able to chat at any time in different chat rooms or send private messages to other participants and authors. Chats will be open during and after the conference.

What can I find in the Technical Program?
All authors have been uploading their virtual presentations, abstracts and papers that will be available on-demand (asynchronously) in the different thematic sessions.

The conference contributions (abstracts, papers and virtual presentations) have been organized in several thematic tracks. These tracks contain different sessions structured by topics. There, you will find all virtual contributions and their presentations.

Virtual presentations include videos, slides and posters, which will be available during and after the conference.

Where can I find my contribution and virtual presentation?
You can search your paper using the INTED2021 Paper search tool.

How can I select my favorite virtual contributions and save them in my profile?
You can select your favorite virtual contributions at the Session Explorer section.
There, you will be able to add abstracts to your personal favorite abstracts list using the [+] buttons. The list of selected abstracts can be visualized then by clicking My Schedule link in the top menu.

How can I contact a participant?
A text-based and video chat allows to send private messages to any participant. You will find a complete list of the conference participants (in alphabetical order) with their respective presentation details at the Participants list.

Terms of use: The Thematic Chat and Private Chats services shall not be used for advertising, send unsolicited commercial messages, messages that infringe copyright or other rights, or messages containing any offensive or unlawful content.

How can I use the thematic chats?
During INTED2021, different text-based chat channels will be open, where authors and attendees can actively discuss their presentations and materials. These chats will be open during and after the conference.

We therefore encourage participants to discuss their research using the provided text chat in their specific topic tracks.

We recommend watching the presentation materials in advance, so you can formulate your questions precisely. Also, you can contact any of the authors to ask them about their presentations. If the author is not available on-line, you can leave a private message through the messaging tool.

When will participants receive their conference material?
Each registered participant will receive the conference package (Proceedings, author/participation certificates and conference material) by courier after the conference.

Will INTED2021 Proceedings be indexed in CPCI (Web of Science)?
INTED2021 will produce a publication (with ISBN)INTED2021 Proceedings. It will include all accepted abstract and papers at the INTED2021 conference.
All accepted papers will also be indexed in our Digital Library available at: library.iated.org

In addition, INTED2021 Proceedings will be submitted for evaluation for their inclusion in Web of Science (Conference Proceedings Citation Index). Please, note that this is not an IATED decision as papers should go through the Web of Science (WoS) review process. Authors will be notified about it as soon as the confirmation is received.

Since 2010, all INTED Conference Proceedings have been accepted and indexed in the CPCI WoS.

Will papers have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) assigned?
IATED is a member of Crossref, a non-profit membership organization for scholarly publishing working to make content easy to find, link, cite and assess. Due to this partnership, each published paper in INTED2021 Proceedings will be assigned a DOI number (Digital Object Identifier) for its easy citation and indexation.

Can I republish my presentation in a journal or another conference?
According to the copyright signed for your paper publication in INTED, you give the right to IATED to include your paper in the Conference Proceedings.
Regarding the contents of your paper, you can use the published content that you generated and write similar versions of it to publish it elsewhere, but you cannot present exactly the same article in other conferences or journals.

More information about IATED publication ethics guidelines are available here.

Code of Conduct for INTED2021
Participating in any INTED events implies that you adhere to INTED2021 Code of Conduct.

As INTED is committed to provide a respectful, open and safe environment, all participants should always show the maximum respect to the others’ presentations and opinions. We do not need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.

IATED has no tolerance for discrimination, or harassment in any form. Abusive behaviour can be penalized through muting or banning individual users from the sessions or chat channels. IATED reserves the right to follow up on such violations.

Should you observe violations against these rules please contact INTED staff or send an email to inted2021@iated.org