Publication ethics

IATED aims to publish conference proceedings that contain original research articles of high quality meeting the expected ethical standards. The following guidelines are provided for authors who submit articles to IATED conferences in order to maintain high ethical standards.

Manuscript Content: Authors must submit original unpublished content with substantial contributions to the field. Content reproduced from other sources must be acknowledged and the corresponding permission has to be obtained for its reproduction, respecting the intellectual property rights.

Plagiarism: The submitted work must not contain plagiarized material copied from any other publications.

Text Recycling (Self-Plagiarism): Authors should not submit previously published work or reuse parts of their own previous work without appropriate citation. It is acceptable to submit a more developed work including novel contributions in order to present a research or a project at various stages of its evolution. In all cases authors should cite the previous work.

Multiple Submissions: Authors must not submit the same manuscript to more than one publication at the same time. In addition, fragmentation of a research work in different submissions should be avoided.

Authorship: All authors in the manuscript must consent to the publication and should account for its content. Authors (or co-authors) are those who contribute to the work scientifically or literarily. Other kind of support should be reported in the Acknowledgements section.

Data and Results: If possible, authors should facilitate access to the data used in the work when requested. Any kind of falsification or fabrication of data and results implies a serious misconduct. The authors should also notify any relevant error in the work to the publisher when identified.

References: Authors should cite all relevant information sources related to the work in the References section.

Defamation: Defamatory or unlawful statements about organizations or people are not allowed in any case.

Conflict of Interest: Authors must declare any eventual conflict of interest when submitting a manuscript to review.

Experimentation and Testing: Works involving human or animal subjects must comply with applicable laws and international ethical requirements. Anonymity and informed consent from the studied individuals must be ensured when required.

IATED shall guarantee the high technical and professional quality of the publications and that good practice and ethical standards are maintained. If any of the above mentioned unethical behaviours are identified, an investigation will be initiated and pertinent actions will be taken. For more information about best publishing ethical behaviours, authors are referred to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines: