Keynote Speakers

Monica Ares - Facebook Inc (USA)

Monica Ares

Education is on the cusp of a technology revolution that will transform teaching and learning to an experience-based approach. At Facebook, we are creating immersive hardware, tools and experiences to pioneer this movement. This talk will cover how Augmented and Virtual Reality are the next step in the natural evolution of computer-based instruction and how they are redefining the way we teach and learn. We believe that immersive technology has the power to transform education and turn classrooms into 21st-century technologically advanced places of learning. The technology and content will not only increase engagement and knowledge retention, it will provide access to education regardless of distance and help students become innovative creators. After all, our generation built the technology, but it's going to take the next generation to make it great!

About Monica Ares

Through Virtual and Augmented Reality, Monica hopes to empower people to teach and learn in ways they never thought possible before. She believes that quality content, along with virtual collaboration and student creation are powering what’s possible in immersive education. As a former educator of 10 years, Monica is thrilled to be developing products and programs to make learning more personal, powerful and connected to the real world. At Facebook, Monica leads Innovative Technology for Education.