Keynote Speakers

Ashok K. Goel. Georgia Institute of Technology (USA)

Ashok K. Goel

Keynote speech: Teaching and Learning in the Age of AI

Millions of adults of various ages need reskilling and upskilling in our technological society. These millions of adult learners offer a new, large, and diverse challenge to education. Given that many adult learners cannot leave their jobs or families, online education offers a medium for reaching them where they live and work. Online education also provides access to unprecedented amount of data on learners and learning. Our vision at the National AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education (AI-ALOE) is to develop novel AI cognitive assistants that work with this data to enhance the quality of adult online learning through personalization of learning. Successful realization of this vision requires progress on understanding the motivations, needs, and capacities of adult learners, participatory design of AI cognitive assistants, human-AI collaboration, large-scale learning analytics, and an infrastructure for deploying the AI cognitive assistants, collecting and analyzing the data on learning, and feeding the results to the cognitive assistants, teachers, and learners alike. I will describe the research program at AI-ALOE in some detail.

About Ashok K. Goel

Ashok K. Goel is a Professor of Computer Science and Human-Centered Computing in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Chief Scientist with Georgia Tech’s Center for 21st Century Universities. For more than thirty-five years, he has conducted research into cognitive systems at the intersection of artificial intelligence and cognitive science with a focus on computational design and creativity. For the last decade or so, much of his research has focused on AI in education and education in AI. He is a Fellow of AAAI and the Cognitive Science Society, an editor emeritus of AAAI’s AI Magazine, and a recipient of AAAI’s Outstanding AI Educator Award. Ashok is the Executive Director of the recently established National AI Institute for Adult Learning and Online Education.

Donald Clark. Wildfire (UK)

Donald Clark

Keynote speech: AI changes everything!

Generative AI will change the way we work, therefore what, why and how we learn. Its profound impact on both work and learning will be presented showing that the consequences are both profound and unexpected. The role of the teacher and upskilling will also be explored.

Workshop: Working with AI

AI can be used for learner engagement, support, content production, personalisation, analytics and assessment. This workshop will explore real examples across each of these topics of how AI can be used in learning. Prompting of generative AI, in particular, will be tackled, along with a detailed discussion of the different views of the future of AI in learning as well as regulations from various countries around the world and an exploration of the ethics of AI in learning.

About Donald Clark

Donald Clark is a Learning Tech Entrepreneur, CEO, Researcher, Blogger and Speaker. He was CEO and one of the original founders of Epic Group plc, which established itself as the leading company in the UK online learning market, floated on the Stock Market in 1996 and sold in 2005. He has been involved at all levels of investment – angel, VC, growth, PE and IPO. As well as being the CEO of Wildfire an AI learning company, he also invests in, and advises, EdTech companies.
An investor and board member of learning companies Cogbooks (sold in 2021 to Cambridge University) and Learning Pool (sold 2021 for $200 million), he was also on the Boards of City & Guilds, Learn Direct, University for Industry and the Brighton Dome and Festival. Wildfire delivers AI products and consultancy. He has published 3 books, the first on AI, second on Design for technology and the third, published next month on Learning Technology. His fourth book on Learning in the Metaverse has just been commissioned.
Donald has over 37 years' experience in online learning, video, games, simulations, adaptive, chatbot, social media, mobile learning, virtual reality and AI projects. He has designed, delivered and advised on online learning for many global, public and private organisations. An evangelist for the use of technology in learning, he has won many awards, including the first ‘Outstanding Achievement in E-learning Award’ and ‘Best AIM Stock Market Company’, ‘Most Innovative Online Product’, ‘Best Online Learning Project and ‘JISC EdTech Award’.
An award winning speaker at national and international conferences, he has delivered keynotes in the UK, Europe, US, Africa, Australia, Middle and Far East.
…… also a regular blogger (15 years+) on learning technology.