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Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy helps more than 2.5 million students in 102 countries gain the computer science skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Oracle Academy works with Ministries of Education, education authorities, governments and educational institutions worldwide to provide computer science curriculum, resources and teacher/faculty training that are truly fit for purpose in today's digital era.

Website: academy.oracle.com

Conference exhibitors


JoVE is the leading producer and publisher of videos that increase the productivity and efficacy of scientific, medical, and engineering research and education. Since its founding in 2006, JoVE has produced nearly 10,000 video articles, demonstrating experiments filmed in laboratories at top research institutions, and delivered online to millions of scientists, educators, and students worldwide. Today, JoVE has 1,000-plus institutional subscribers, including biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and universities and colleges. Among the latter are leading institutions, such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Stanford, Princeton, University of Cambridge, ETH Zurich, University of Melbourne, University of Tokyo, and Tsinghua University. Headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, JoVE maintains offices in the United States, Europe, India, and Australia.

Website: www.jove.com

Cypher Learning

NEO is a world-class, award-winning learning management system (LMS) for schools and universities. NEO helps schools manage all classroom activities, such as creating and delivering educational content, assessing students, tracking student achievement, and promoting communication and collaboration between students and faculty.The platform is known for delivering a great user experience while incorporating all the essential tools schools need to support effective teaching and learning. NEO is a product of CYPHER LEARNING, a company that specializes in providing learning platforms for organizations around the world.

Website: cypherlearning.com


ProWritingAid is the most comprehensive editing technology available today. With more than twenty different reports, it is one of the few editing tools that combines grammar and spelling checks with more comprehensive reports like readability, writing style, transitions, and more. These reports analyze all aspects of your students' writing so they learn to more effectively communicate their ideas. Suggestions are based on many of the same techniques that teachers already cover in the classroom. For instance, the Writing Style Report will not only identify instances of passive voice, but explain to the student why they're problematic and show how to make them active. ProWritingAid allows students to receive in-depth and specific feedback about their work in real-time.

Website: prowritingaid.com

Trinity College

Trinity College London is a leading international exam board and independent education charity that has been providing assessments around the world since 1877. We specialise in the assessment of communicative and performance skills covering music, drama, combined arts and English language. With over 850,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries worldwide, Trinity qualifications are specifically designed to help students progress, with the aim to inspire teachers and learners through assessments that are enjoyable to prepare for, rewarding to teach and that develop the skills needed in real life.
Trinity English language qualifications are recognised internationally as reliable evidence of proficiency in English and provide great educational value. With a focus on developing communicative and interactive language skills based on the candidate's own knowledge, interests and experience, our English language exams assess and promote a practical and integrated development of the skills needed for life in the 21st century.

Website: trinitycollege.com