Special sessions

If you would like to propose a special session to ICERI2015, you are invited to send your “special session” proposal to the Program Committee by 16th of July 2015.

The aim is to include thematic sessions in the Technical Program that could add value to ICERI2015. They should include thought provoking presentations, introducing novel ideas and experiences followed by discussions with the audience.


How to propose a Special Session

To propose a Special Session, you should send the following information to iceri2015@iated.org before 16th of July 2015.

Note: if the abstracts were already submitted online by the online application form, please include their ID numbers or titles.

After having received your session proposal, it will be evaluated and you will receive an acceptance/rejection notification by email on September 1st, 2015.

Review criteria

Sessions will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

Procedure upon acceptance

If your session is accepted, presenting authors should register and confirm their attendance before October 1st, 2015 (author registration deadline). If authors were not registered by the deadline, the session would not be included in the Conference Program.

Please note that after the acceptance, authors contributing to a special session should submit their paper using the standard procedure of the online application form.

Special session's organizers are expected to attend the conference and chair the session.

The registration of a minimum of 4 authors per special session is required.

Special Session
Special Sessions: Introducing novel ideas and experiences