Keynote Speakers

Eric Mazur. Harvard University (USA)

Getting Every Student Ready for Every Class

Eric Mazur

Over the past decades there has been a concerted push away from passive lecturing to active engagement in the classroom. A successful implementation of the so-called flipped classroom requires students to come to class prepared, either by reading the textbook or watching a prerecorded video. A variety approaches have been devised to get students to take responsibility for this information transfer, but none manage to get all students to participate, compromising the inclass activities. I will present a new approach to get every student to prepare for every class using a new social learning platform that uses a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation factors to get every student ready for every class in a course.

About Eric Mazur

Eric Mazur is the Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics and Dean of Applied Physics at Harvard University, Member of the Faculty of Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and President of the Optical Society.

Mazur is a prominent physicist known for his contributions in nanophotonics, an internationally recognized educational innovator, and a sought after speaker. In education he is widely known for his work on Peer Instruction, an interactive teaching method aimed at engaging students in the classroom and beyond. In 2014 Mazur became the inaugural recipient of the Minerva Prize for Advancements in Higher Education. He has received many awards for his work in physics and in education and has founded several successful companies. Mazur is Chief Academic Advisor for Turning Technologies, a company developing interactive response systems for the education market. Mazur has widely published in peer-reviewed journals and holds numerous patents. He has also written extensively on education and is the author of Peer Instruction: A User's Manual (Prentice Hall, 1997), a book that explains how to teach large lecture classes interactively, and of the Principles and Practice of Physics (Pearson, 2015), a book that presents a groundbreaking new approach to teaching introductory calculus-based physics.

Mazur is a leading speaker on optics and on education. His motivational lectures on interactive teaching, educational technology, and assessment have inspired people around the world to change their approach to teaching.

Twitter: @eric_mazur

Sunanna T. Chand. Remake Learning (USA)

Cities as Connected Learning Ecosystems: Pittsburgh’s Remake Learning Network

Susanna Chand

We’re in the midst of an era of profound change. Tomorrow’s graduates, by and large, won’t assemble cars; they’ll design the computers that drive them. They’ll be tasked with tackling climate change, food shortages, and inequality. They’ll be asked to solve problems on a global scale — problems for which, unlike on the assembly line, there are no set standards. They’ll need to think critically, work collaboratively, and communicate effectively across countries and cultures. As adults, it’s our responsibility to give every child the tools they need to pursue their passions and meet the demands of the modern world - but no one person or organization can achieve this alone. We believe that doing this calls for a new, more expansive, more connected approach to learning that bridges organizational silos. That is why the Remake Learning network, now 500+ organizations strong from every sector, was formed in 2007. Learn how Pittsburgh has built a connected learning ecosystem around innovation and how other cities can do the same.

About Sunanna T. Chand

Sunanna T. Chand is Director of Remake Learning. She identifies and nurtures multi-sector collaborative opportunities that provide remarkable learning experiences for youth in southwestern Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Remake Learning, active since 2007, is a network of 500 organizations igniting engaging, relevant, equitable learning in support of young people navigating rapid technological and societal change.

Prior to Remake Learning, Sunanna served in the Mayor-President's office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, leading a network of cross-sector organizations working to collectively impact public health outcomes. She began her career teaching 1st and 2nd grade. Sunanna earned an M.Ed from Vanderbilt University in International Education Policy & Management, and holds Bachelors Degrees in English and Political Science from the University of Illinois.

Twitter: @SunannaC