Keynote Speakers

Alec Couros. University of Regina (Canada)

Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone: Transitioning Toward 21st Century Learning

Emerging technologies and social networks now provide us with the tools to dramatically transform our learning environments, and for the first time in history, learners now have the technical ability to learn anywhere, anytime, and with anyone. Yet, transitioning away from former pedagogical models based on expert-to-student information transfer will not be easy, and leaves us with many questions and challenges about the nature of teaching & learning. In this presentation, Dr. Couros will outline some of the most relevant changes in our digital environments and will provide possibilities for digitally-inspired pedagogies in higher education.

Alec Couros

About Alec Couros

Alec Couros is a professor of educational technology and media at the Faculty of Education, University of Regina, in Saskatchewan, Canada. An award-winning educator, Alec helps his undergraduate and graduate students take up the incredible affordances of our connected world through the integration of educational technology in teaching and learning. Alec is also a well-recognized scholar and researcher who has given hundreds of keynotes and workshops around the globe on diverse topics such as connected/networked learning, digital citizenship, social media in education, and critical media literacy, providing educators, students, and parents with the knowledge necessary to take advantage of and thrive in our new digital reality. Finally, Alec is a passionate advocate of openness in education and demonstrates this commitment through his open access publications, considerable digital presence and contributions, and highly successful MOOCs and open boundary courses.

Jennie Magiera. Des Plaines School District 62 (USA)

Courageous Edventures

Great progress and innovation is made when brave individuals take big risks. As educators we need to be willing to embrace the chance of failure, and make leaps into the unknown for the sake of our students. So how do we suspend doubts, navigate expectations from school systems, parents and leaders while exploring emerging and new technologies? Why is it important to think big in education? In this keynote, Jennie will share stories and examples of how your classroom can be an adventure for you and your students. See how you can discover your own version of classroom innovation.

Jennie Magiera

About Jennie Magiera

Jennie Magiera is the Chief Innovation Officer for Des Plaines School District 62 and the author of Courageous Edventures. She was previously the Digital Learning Coordinator for the Academy for Urban School Leadership and a Chicago Public Schools math teacher. A White House Champion for Change, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google for Education Certified Innovator and TEDx Speaker, Jennie has been working to redefine teaching and learning through innovative new practices. Jennie is also passionate about transforming professional learning, having served on the Technical Working Group for the US Department of Education’s National Educational Technology Plan and co-founding PLAYDATE and other new conference concepts. Jennie holds a B.A. from Columbia University in Psychology and History and a M.S. in Mathematics Education from University of Illinois-Chicago. Aside from her students, her great loves in life are sci-fi, mashed potatoes, Tabasco sauce, her dog and her husband.