Pre-conference Workshop


Dr. Michael Miles
Telfer School of Management
University of Ottawa (CANADA)

Session Day: Sunday 5th of July 2015
Session Time: 16:30 -18:30 (duration of two hours)
Session Room: Menorca

Maximum number of participants: 35
Cost Free for Edulearn15 registered attendees.

Session Details:

The session will focus on providing a learning experience for participants through the use of a structured business simulation. Participants will be challenged to pursue the successful completion of a search for a formula to cure a virus outbreak very similar to the SARS attack that centered on Canada. Their group efforts (small groups of 5 – maximum 7 groups) will result in intensive small group dynamics and deep learning concerning systems thinking, individual and group problem solving, and a practical understanding of the deeper meaning of the concept of strategy.

The simulation involves a 20-minute strategy-building session followed by a one-hour strategy implementation session as teams travel across a detailed topographical map of a strategic region in Canada. Multiple stops along the way challenge participant ability to interpret data and adapt strategy accordingly. The final solution to the simulation requires deeper understanding of the dynamics of strategy and human elements of trust. The simulation has been used actively in all of North American, Chinese, and European contexts to drive hope important learning related to organizational behaviour. Debrief of the experience will highlight effective uses of simulation in an educational environment.

Learning Objectives:

The simulation teaches participants:
• The significance of full and rapid communication of information
• The importance of trust – and the causes of mistrust
• The power of working as a system
• The importance of creating and communicating strategy as an underlying element in any action plan.

The simulation is a LOT of fun and teaches deep lessons about how real organizations struggle with issues of integration and trust. Well worth the time.

Target audience:

Participants should be professors or graduate students interesting in exploring simulations as an alternative method of pedagogy or individuals interested in exploring the learning objectives of the session itself outlined above.

Workshop coodinator: Dr. Michael Miles

Dr. Michael Miles

Michael Miles is a senior Faculty member at the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management where he teaches organization change, corporate governance & ethics and organization redesign. He has worked for over 30 years providing consulting advice related to high performance to Canadian corporations in the banking, petroleum, telecommunications, and high tech sectors. In addition to his Canadian experience he has lived and worked extensively in Asia (Thailand, China, and Malaysia) and Europe (Romania and Denmark). He has been active as a Board member for a number of non-profit Boards and advises them on best practices.

He completed his doctoral degree in Human and Organization Systems at the Fielding Graduate School in Santa Barbara and holds 3 management-related Masters Degrees. In 2004 he was voted one of the top 20 “hottest/coolest” management professors in Canada by the Canadian Business Magazine. Areas of his current research and consultancy activity include international leadership practice and business strategy (with a focus on China), cross-cultural business effectiveness, and the use of simulation to teach real-world business skills. For relaxation he flies small planes.