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itslearning is a K-12 learning management system that enables teachers to better facilitate instructional delivery and engage today’s “digitally” wired students. Whether teachers are developing lessons, distributing and collecting assignments, assessing quizzes and tests, or engaging with parents, itslearning supports teaching and learning anytime, anywhere, on any device - all on one platform, in one location, requiring one login. 

Designed specially for the education sector, itslearning gives you the pedagogical tools you need to bring innovative best practices to every classroom. It includes a range of easy to use tools - such as teacher web pages, project pages, digital tests, online discussion forums, blogs and video recorders - that you can use to engage all students and build 21st century skills. itslearning was designed to match the best practices for teaching and learning.

Website: itslearning.eu

Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy helps more than 2.5 million students in 102 countries gain the computer science skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Oracle Academy works with Ministries of Education, education authorities, governments and educational institutions worldwide to provide computer science curriculum, resources and teacher/faculty training that are truly fit for purpose in today's digital era.

Website: academy.oracle.com


Over two million students at 625 schools across 30 countries rely on Echo360 active learning technology to enhance their educational experience before, during and after class. Students revisit lectures, collaborate with peers, and participate in class on smartphones, tablets, and laptops, wherever, whenever they choose.

Website: echo360.com

Conference exhibitors


ProctorU provides distance proctoring services for institutions that offer examinations online. The service allows individuals to take exams from anywhere in a secured environment using only a computer, webcam and a high-speed Internet connection. ProctorU offers live, person-to-person, real-time monitoring to more than 450 colleges, universities and certification organizations worldwide.

Website: proctoru.com


Mentorina is a Canadian company, specialized in Intelligent Advanced Learning Environments. The compant product enables course professors to design, modify and share course contents and monitor students' progress throughout interactive learning sessions. Mentorina helps students become better learners and improve their self-regulatory skills.

Website: mentorina.com


MynowledgeMap provides the Myshowcase.me “personal portfolio for life” that enables education providers to leave their students with a record of their achievements and experiences in a form that is useful in later life, including production of resumes/CVs and project assignments. This radical new cloud based service also enables the students to collect their experiences from multiple sources including their own social network tools of choice. The personal service for individuals is free. MyKnowledgeMap also provides the Myprogress mobile assessment system that can enable educators to provide rapid feedback to students on their assessments. Students and assessors can work offline with assessments on their mobile devices and then resynch when convenient.

Website: www.myknowledgemap.com