Presentation instructions

Oral presentation instructions

All the oral presentations should be done in English, the official language of the event.

Each talk is 15 minutes long. It is recommended to use 12 minutes to present and 3 minutes to discuss.

The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing your oral presentation:

  • Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the session starts on the day of the conference.
  • The equipment available will be PC and Data Projector.
  • The recommended software to be used is PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat (pdf).

Poster presentation instructions

All posters should be written and presented in English, the official language of the event.

Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for the authors to display the results and conclusions of their papers.

Your poster will be exhibited during the conference. Authors are expected to be at their poster during the session.

Posters will be listed by session in the Conference Programme, Abstract CD and Proceedings CD.

It is recommended to provide small envelopes for distributing your business cards and collecting business cards of those who request additional information. This is a good way of inviting and encouraging interactions with your audience. You may also wish to provide copies of a short summary of your presentation for distribution.

Dimensions and format:

Posters should be printed and brought by each author to the conference.

The poster can be up to 130 cm high x 90 cm wide. (51 in. high x 35½ in. wide)

We will provide materials for attaching posters. However you can bring your own if you prefer.

Your poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.

Important notice about publication:

Authors whose abstracts have been accepted as poster presentations should also submit their final paper for the Conference Publications before May 16th, 2013 (included).

Virtual Participants: Not attending Authors

If you wish your paper to be published in EDULEARN13 Publications, but you are not able to attend EDULEARN13 Conference in person, you can register for a “virtual presentation”.

The instructions for virtual authors are:

  • Virtual authors should submit their abstracts for evaluation before the deadline: 27th of March 2013. DEADLINE EXTENSION: 18th of April 2013
  • When an abstract is accepted, the full paper should be submitted online before May 16th, 2013.
  • Virtual presentations will not be simultaneous. Virtual authors will be able to present their papers as follows:
    • In addition to the paper submission, virtual authors can optionally submit a powerpoint presentation (with video and/or audio). These presentations will be uploaded in the conference website, in a special virtual section, so that all the conference participants will have access to them during and after the conference.
    • This virtual section will enable all the participants to have access to all virtual presentations during and after the event, without having any limitations linked to time zone differences, considering the large amount of countries from all continents who will be participating in EDULEARN13.
    • The deadline for submitting this powerpoint presentation is June 10th, 2013. Submissions  should be made online.
  • Virtual authors could be contacted by email by the conference participants in case of technical questions regarding their virtual paper.
  • Abstracts and papers will be included in EDULEARN13 publications (EDULEARN13 Abstracts CD and EDULEARN13 Proceedings CD)
  • Virtual participants should register online before May 16th, 2013.
  • Registered virtual authors will receive a copy of the EDULEARN13 Abstracts CD, EDULEARN13 Proceedings CD, a participation and author certificate and an invoice of the registration fee. The shipment will be made by courier after the conference dates.