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Conference sponsors

Oracle Academy

The Oracle Academy helps more than 2.5 million students in 102 countries gain the computer science skills they need to succeed in their chosen careers. Oracle Academy works with Ministries of Education, education authorities, governments and educational institutions worldwide to provide computer science curriculum, resources and teacher/faculty training that are truly fit for purpose in today's digital era.

Website: academy.oracle.com


Wistec Training is an ICT-training company of 15 years of experience. We are focused especially for end-user trainings. In addition to traditional classroom trainings, Wistec Training is focused on workforce development through our innovative concept of e-learning. We have a strong belief in customer partnership, working with public and private organizations across many sectors.

Website: wistec.fi

Conference exhibitors

Turning Technologies

Turning Technologies is an e-learning company that believes in the pedagogical benefits of interactive response technology. We manufacture industry leading hardware and software solutions developed to enhance learning at all levels, and we are committed to innovation, product reliability and developing relevant solutions that will improve instruction.

Website: www.turningtechnologies.com


VitalSource® is a renowned innovator and trusted partner for institutions and publishers globally, improving the student learning experience by making it easy to deliver effective, affordable content on the World’s number 1 digital content platform, Bookshelf®.
Students in 241 countries connect to content from over 1,000 global and local-language publishers, online or offline while data-driven insights from our analytics tools give instructors the ability to understand student study habits and effectively support student success and outcomes. With our comprehensive training and onboarding programmes, our aim is a smooth, successful implementation experience that realises your institution’s vision and goals.

Website: www.vitalsource.com