Keynote Speakers

Stephen Downes

The MOOC of One: Personal Learning Technologies

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Stephen Downes

While much attention has been paid in recent years to the massive numbers of students able to participate in open online learning, what is often overlooked is the capacity of individual learners to use open online learning to shape and design their own curriculum and perdagogy. This marks a significant transition from traditional online learning, which draws from the tradition of distance education, which is based in the idea of self-study using courses and programs designed by educators. This talk will examine how open online learning puts the control of learning into the hands of learners, how educators will adapt with new learner-driven pedagogies and curriculum design, and the technical infrastructure supporting personal learning in a community and cooperative environment.

About Stephen Downes

A researcher for the National Research Council of Canada since 2001, Stephen Downes brings 20 years of education technology and new instructional media design expertise to the development of new online learning environments. Downes is widely known for his online newsletter, OLDaily, in addition to publications in such fields as learning objects, learning management systems, personal learning environments, and open educational resources. Downes is a pioneer in the field of learning networks and learning content syndication, and built the world's first MOOC software, gRSShopper. Today Downes manages the NRC's Learning and Performance Support Systems research program, a federally funded initiative linking learners with learning opportunities and personal professional development and support.

Pape Samb

Linking Education with Entrepreneurship: Transforming Traditional Schools into Entrepreneurship Innovation-Based Experimental Learning Labs

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Pape Samb

Mr. Samb will discuss how to link education with entrepreneurship by transforming schools into experiential learning labs to promote dynamic interchange of ideas, shared learning, teamwork, innovation, and greater personal accountability for achieving personal success.

He has used a three-step experiential approach including self-assessment activities, practical group learning, and use of success stories to develop innovative self-sustainable youth enterprises. This experimental learning approach has been supported and sustained by the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) throughout its national chapters in Africa.

About Pape Samb

Pape Samb is a social entrepreneur specialized in international development. He has over 17 years of experience in program and resource development, fundraising, partnership building, entrepreneurship, strategic planning, training and facilitation, global leadership, content management and public speaking.
He is a passionate individual who focuses his energy on educating people about Africa and empowering women and youth around the world, helping them become self-sufficient and connecting them with resources to achieve their goals. Currently he serves as President and CEO of Exeleadmen, his consulting firm, which focuses on executive leadership, management and entrepreneurship training and coaching for private and public sector managers and young aspiring entrepreneurs.