Pre-conference Workshop

EDULEARN Pre-Conference Google Research and Teaching Academy, Advanced

Session Trainer: Wendy Gorton, Director of International Education at EdTechTeam.
Session Day: Sunday 30th of June, 2019
Session Time: 16:00 -20:00 (duration of 4 hours)

Maximum number of participants: 25

Registration fees:

Standard participation fee: 140 euros
EDULEARN19 attendees: 70 euros (*)

(*) EDULEARN19 participants will have a 50% discount in this workshop.

As the space is limited to 25 participants, registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. If you want to attend this workshop, you should register during the standard registration process.

Session Details:

EDULEARN Pre-Conference Google Research and Teaching Academy, Advanced

We'll be testing new frontiers of teaching by hosting a challenge-based pre-conference workshop based on your particular challenges in your practice. We'll start with a gripe jam to find out what is really your problem of practice, and then we'll level up your research and teaching with the Google for Education Certification program. Get ready to dive in and transform your practice with Google Certified Trainer, Innovator, and Program Manager Wendy Gorton. All Academy attendees receive their own Google swag kit and all attendees will make a Google Classroom portfolio of their work.

Google's Certified Educator Level 2 focuses on meaningful and creative ways to integrate the 4Cs in the classroom. Level 2 teaches the advanced features of G Suite including HyperDocs using Google Docs, Maps and MyMaps for geo-instruction and virtual field trips; digital portfolios with Google Sites; and using screencasting techniques for developing learning libraries in YouTube and more. This workshop is the perfect place for teachers who are ready to try something new and engaging in their classrooms all while preparing them for Google's Certified Educator Level 2 exam.

EdTechTeam will provide workshop leaders, Google swag, online resources for participants, and an online evaluation for the session. All attendees will also receive a tripod for recording video, a backpack, a popular edtech book along with a voucher to take the Course Certification exam to become a Google Certified Educator.

Target audience:
The session will be intended for a global audience of teachers, school leaders, and IT managers (with varying technology skills).